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kevin is out!

2010-04-02 04:11:25 by constansil

hes out and thatas good

HE is an total Kevin Bacon ASSHOLE he will Kevin Bacon perish!!!!i have had it with him with this kevin bacon mother fucking tricks!!!!he is nothing but a Kevin Bacon hacker!one more Kevin Bacon thing...he is
Kevin Bacon gay!!!!

Kevin Bacon is NOT Kevin Bacon

newgrounds welcomes me back!

2009-11-29 10:54:36 by constansil

i did! i´m back!on the sprite sides that is.i got permission again!oh happy day,oh happy day!it will take some time to get use to making flash after a few months,thou i will promis(somehow)that i will have 1 flash movie before christmas,if not by then in january!il be see you in the comments section! shit movies

2009-09-16 12:36:14 by constansil

yeah,i was banned from the sprite site so no movies,no games,all art and maybi audio,thank you for your support,resistance is worthless

watch this

2009-07-28 15:34:13 by constansil

watch it it´s a good vid RHA0

die die DIE!

2009-06-19 11:10:09 by constansil

not in A good mood,or i WILL kill you to feed my dog!

die die DIE!

a simple movie

2009-05-17 06:45:37 by constansil in teh making...again see ya


2009-05-11 14:24:05 by constansil

finaly i was almost ready to summit my first flash,but then a thunder storm came deleded it FUCK YOU thunder!now it will take longer than the time of summer vacation!which is august!well i hope you don´t get angry at me so long


sonic flash game ideas any1?

2009-05-09 05:15:20 by constansil

im trying to make a game for NG it might take 2 moths,2 years,20 years,200 years,2000 years or even 2000000 years!ideas anyone?????write then in the comments.(P.S-im not good at drawing so im useing sprites,thax to all for ideas)


2009-04-04 14:43:59 by constansil

... ... ... ... well that hurts like hell